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Since 3D Hubs changed to target big businesses more instead of makers, I've pulled all my images from my old Hub and will be putting them here as a gallery.

The images are in no particular order and are just a showcase of what I've been able to print over the years. Please excuse the quality of the images.

Raspberry Pi case
Raspberry Pi Face Case
Modified Raspberry Pi Zero case by Adafruit
STM32 Nucleo-144 case
Raspberry Pi Zero-based Digital Camera
Raspberry Pi Sever Rack
Custom RGB LED cube
3D Settlers of Catan
Articulated octopus scaled at 300%
AMAZED 3D printed board game
Customer's order of a Samsung Galaxy S5 dock and a Samsung Watch stand
Keychain gear at 200% size
Custom Decorative Tetrominos
Mini Track Loader RC
Emmet's Gear Bearing at 300% size
Panda (dual extrustion) at 125% scale
Cute sheep container
Mini vending machine
Totoro model (dual extrusion)
Marvin Keychain
Customer's order for cabinet trimming
Army of Marvin Keychains
Closeup of thick layer heights achieved with E3D Volcano
Customer's order of LG G Watch charging dock/stand
Customer's order for four Dota 2 logos
16cm Vault Boy statuette
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Butterfly Knife at 125% scale
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Karambit
3DBenchy printed at 300% size
Adafruit Adabot
"Concrete Fish"
Custom Slipper Symbol Pins
Slime Rancher Pink Slime
Giant Minifig Star Wars figures.
OpenRC F1
Dual Extrusion Samples.
Rubik's Bricks
Best Girlfriend Award Medal
Hairy Lion
Custom 12-button controller
3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard