I made a handwired Alpha.


It uses the QMK firmware running on an STM32F103 "Blue Pill" board. For me, those things are even cheaper than already cheap Pro Micros. It's got so many available pins too! Though software support isn't as good as Pro Micros.

The insides of the keyboard.

As usual, I tried to do the wiring as neat as possible.

The entire purpose of building this keyboard was to design a nice, angled, high profile case. And seeing the Alpha pop up on /r/mechanicalkeyboards from time to time, and thinking how cute it was made me go, "welp, I'm definitely building that."

Unlike my stenography keyboard and its million M2 screws, this case is held together with only six M3×12 countersunk screws.

This was printed using some pink ABS filament that have been waiting to put to use. The custom DSA-style keycaps were again based off this repository by Rozakiin (licensed MIT) and was printed in some white ABS.


The STL files and the firmware files can be downloaded from this repository. Also included are the STL files for the 3D printable 1u and 2u keycaps.