Personal Details

AddressMetro Manila, Philippines


Master of Science in Electronics

Ateneo de Manila Unversity, Philippines

Thesis: Determining the state-of-charge and state-of-health of lead-acid batteries in photovoltaic systems

Development of an electronic battery testing unit that determines the charge and health of a lead-acid battery without prior history of the battery's charge and discharge cycle.

Exchange Student
(Oct 2017—Mar 2018)

Technical University of Munich, Germany

I had undergone an exchange program with the Technical University of Munich in Germany where I took classes related to real-time embedded systems and developed my masters thesis along with a host professor.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Ateneo de Manila University

Thesis: Servo-controlled 5-axis 3D printer from an open-source kit

Modified an open-source 3D printer kit hardware and software to enable it to have two additional rotational axes for support structure-less 3D printing.


Corpuz, D., Imbao, R., Oppus C., Mariñas J. (2018). Servo-controlled 5-axis 3D printer from an open-source kit. World Congress on Engineering and Technology. doi: currently unavailable.

Work Experience

Hub Operator
(Apr 2015—Oct 2018)

3D Hubs

I provided 3D printing services to people around the Philippines.

(Jun 2017)

Manila Mini Maker Faire

I presented my personal project of a DIY STM32-based digital watch where I showcased what I've learned with respect to 3D modeling, circuit schematic and board design, and low-power firmware development.

Engineering Team: Electronics Deputy
(Aug 2016—Mar 2017)

AtenECO: Ateneo Shell EcoRacing Team

I worked with a team on an electric car as part of the Shell Eco Marathon 2017. I helped with the design and assembly of the electronic speed controller and the 1000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery with a battery management system.

(Mar 2015—May 2015)

Blue Chip Designs, Inc.

I developed a Raspberry Pi-based NFC credit card reader using Python. I also helped design and develop a new modern-looking website for the company.

Guitar Section Head
(Jun 2013—Oct 2015)

Ateneo Blue Symphony

I helped the other members of the orchestra's guitar section with learning and understanding musical pieces for concerts.

Graphics Designer
(Jun 2011—Mar 2013)

Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society, Ateneo Musicians' Pool

I designed posters for use as promotional materials for org events.


Civil Service Exam

Passed the exam taken on 23 April 2017


ProgrammingVerilog, VHDL, C, Rust
HardwareArduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32
SoftwareFreeCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, KiCAD, Linux
Other3D printing, guitar