Fusion 360 render

Hey, everyone. I designed an easy-to-print version of the Dactyl keyboard.


The whole thing was designed such that it requires zero (!) supports. It was also designed with an Arduino Pro Micro in mind, along with an RS Pro 805-1661 4-pole composite video jack, which is actually something that needs modification so I don't recommend using that but it's what I have so I'll just use it.

I wanted an ergo keyboard that's easy to print like the Dactyl Manuform, though that still requires a lot of support material to print. Plus, I also wanted a high profile case. Hence, the design.

Side view

The keyboard also has a top-to-bottom 15° angle like the dactyl, but it doesn't have the 5° side-to-side angle. Though I am in the process of designing one, but I'm not sure if I want to continue it or not.

Case design with 5° side-to-side angle
Bottom view

I'm making sure the whole case design is solid, so a lot of screws are needed to integrate the parts. Not pictured are inside screws like the ones around the thumb cluster.

Thumb cluster close-up

There's space for costar stabilizers in the 2u keys. I also opted to not curve the bottom corner 1u key because designing the outer high profile is such a PITA.


The STL files and source are available for download in this repository, licensed under GNU GPLv3.