This was my second or so 3D printed keyboard project that I only got to posting now. It's a similar story to my Alice-like keyboard: Saw a cool layout, recreate it in KLE, design a case, and 3D print it out. This keyboard is the Prime E clone I was talking about in my Alice-like keyboard blog post.

Lots of Love Live! stickers. Some My Hero Academia, Cardcaptor Sakura, Spirited Away, Yuri!!! On Ice, and others. I'd like to thank my girlfriend for sourcing me pretty much all the stickers.

Keycaps are DSA Baybayin bought locally secondhand. I was not part of the group buy for this set, though I was part of the group buy for the Cherry profile keyset. Those keycaps are now in use on my main keyboard. Maybe I should find a Japanese-themed keycap set that would suit the anime stickers?

The keyboard uses Gateron Black switches and costar stabilizers. The microcontroller is a Teensy 2.0. It has more pins accessible compared to a Pro Micro, so for the extra pins I connected a piezo buzzer for fun. Mashing the keys and hearing the beeps and boops is super fun. Typing quickly and accurately with the beeps is even better. ;)

The actual reason for the stickerbomb is simple: the 3D printed case looks ugly as hell. It was an ugly natural white ABS color. I wanted to cover it up with paint initially but then stickers seemed like a better idea. I didn't really do a good job of sticking them on though. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. It turned out pretty okay, I guess. There are still spots that raise up from time to time and I just haven't bothered supergluing them down.