Embedded Rust Experiments Part 1 — Blink!

I've been learning the Rust programming language for a while now, and while it's been fun implementing Conway's Game of Life or a Raytracer in one weekend), I wanted to give embedded Rust a try. I have several development boards lying around, and I want to try using Rust on one of them. I'll be using an STM32L476 Discovery board only because of its boatload of peripherals available on the board.

This is by no means a tutorial; I just want to document all the things I've done regarding my experimentation with it. Eventually I'd like to implement a board support package crate for the discovery board I'm using.

DIY STM32 Watch — GitHub Repository

After two years, I've finally moved my DIY STM32 Watch project files into its own GitHub repository. Included are the hardware: FreeCAD source files, STL files, KiCAD project, gerber files, and the software: SW4STM32 project files. I've also managed to move the instructions I originally posted in the Hackaday.io project page into a markdown file in the repository. Check the repository out for more information!