Similar to the Squishy65, this is a TKL-sized board with gasket mounting.

What's special about this is that only the 60% section of the TKL is actually gasket mounted.


The SquishyTKL supports an encoder on the F13 key, but rather than using EC11, I opted for the EVQ-WGD001 roller encoders. They're mounted on a daughterboard of some sort that connects with a JST cable.

The bottom layer has been replaced with a stainless steel plate. The plate I used for this build is also stainless steel. And because of the feet, the whole keyboard is quite hefty despite being 'only' stacked acrylic (2.7kg).

Since only the 60% section is gasket mounted, that entire section has to be isolated. There are two PCBs and two plates because of this. The two are connected with 40-pin flat flex cables.