Here's the bill of materials for my DIY STM32 Watch. Included are Mouser part numbers.

DesignatorValueQuantityPackageDescriptionMouser Part
C1, C5, C6, C7, C8, C12, C13, C14100n80805Ceramic capacitor80-C0804C104-K9R
C2, C3, C91u30805Ceramic capacitor603-CC0805KR-5BB105
C44.7u10805Ceramic capacitor77-VJ0804G47-5KXYTBC
C10, C1110p20805Ceramic capacitor710-885012007010
D1green108052.2 Vf SMD LED604-APT2012SGC
L11kΩ @ 100 MHz10805Ferrite bead963-BK2125HS102-T
P11FPC-10-0510-ping 0.5-mm pitch FPC connector538-505110-1092
PB1, PB2, PB334.46×3.5×3.3mmTact switch688-SKRTLA
R1, R2, R3, R410kΩ40805SMD resistor588-AS08J1002ET
R6510Ω10805SMD resistor71-CRCW0805510RJNEA
SB1, SB2, SB330805SMD resistor667-ERJ-6GEY0R00V
U1STM32L051K8T61LQFP-32STM32L0 MCU511-STM32L051K8T6
U21Keystone 3003534-3003
X132.768 kHZ13.2×1.5mm32.758 kHZ crystal815-S07AIG-32.76871T
LCLS013B7DH0311.28" Sharp Memory LCD852-LS013B7DH03

Other parts are: one (1) M3×8 countersunk screw, three (3) M3×12 countersunk screws, a 20mm wrist band (bought mine from AliExpress), and the various 3D printed parts which I'll be posting about in the future!